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LaunchNFTs tries something new

While the Twitter debate continues, most tech founders and venture capitalists have already chosen their side: Web 2.0 or Web3.

Web3 supporters believe that this is the future of the internet, and that blockchain-based products will completely displace Web 2.0 over the next few years.

Proponents of Web 2.0 argue that all this is just hype spread by cryptocurrency brothers seeking to make a profit, and that blockchain technologies are fundamentally limited in scale.

The most exciting opportunity lies at the intersection of these two worlds.

The real potential of blockchain for the mass market will be revealed after the merging of Web 2.0 and Web3.

It’s tempting to look at the energy, talent and resources poured into web3 and recall the early days of the internet. For those of us who have lived in Silicon Valley long enough, it is easy to notice the undeniable similarity.

But this time the growth rate seems exponentially higher. Web3 experts point to these facts to support the argument that Web3 is the future of the Internet, and that Web 2.0 will soon evolve.

Crowdfunding LaunchNFTs on Mirror

Buying $LNFTS is partly patronage, partly economic participation, in our community, which comes with $LNFTS. The funds will be used both to hire the core team and to finance additional research work through grants, token streaming, rewards, airdrop and giveaways’ and hackathons. Buying $LNFTS is partly patronage, partly economic participation. As Jesse Walden described it, the sale of such a token is actually «Patronage+». Buyers support the creation of works of art, as well as open up opportunities for growth.

@LaunchNFTs crowdfunding has 30 ETH hard-cup with a maximum contribution amount of 2 ETH. This ensures that a reasonable number of people, at least 15 founders, will be able to participate. Distribution is made on a first-come, first-served basis. If you don’t have an Ethereum wallet, I recommend downloading the Rainbow mobile app (iOS only). Metamask is a good alternative.

What supporters get:

$LNFTS Token

If NFT is sold, then $LNFTS tokens will be credited to ETH amount.

$LNFTS tokens can be exchanged as any ERC-20 token or can be exchanged for basic ETH.

What $LNFTS founders Get:

First of all, you will participate in the creative process with us.By supporting crowdfunding, owned $LNFTS receive five main benefits.

  1. Proportionally, 10% of the profit of the V1 NFT Profile Pictures Web3 collection will be distributed among all participants. The bigger your contribution, the bigger your share.
  2. Proportionally everyone will be credited the NFT of the new V1 NFT Profile Pictures Web3 collection will be distributed among all participants $LNFTS
  3. Q2-Q3 Proportionally $LNFTS V2 is a native token
  4. Lifetime WhiteList project  @LaunchNFTs
  5. Special version of NFT TICKET — Club Membership @LaunchNFTs. NFT TICKET holders claim an additional 5 NFT in the new V1 collection NFT Profile Pic web 3.


• First, we are creating a briefing and illustration for LaunchNFTs on Mirror.

• Then we mint the NFT of this page, and place it on as NFT Project Funded.
The recommended contribution of Project Funded is 0.1 ETH.

• The maximum contribution is 2 ETH. This is necessary for at least 15 founders to have the opportunity to participate.

• We will also create a limited edition NTF TICKET 100 items at a price of 0.5 ETH.

A few points to consider:

• Crowdfunding will take place on this page on 03/29/2022, 4:00 pm Eastern time.

• As already mentioned, the amount to be crowdfunded is 30 ETH.

As soon as we publish Crowdfunding, it will be Create as NFT.

When you purchase an $LNFTS, you will also receive a portion of the $LNFTS tokens, depending on the amount deposited. You will receive $100 LNFTS for every 0.1 ETH you contribute to crowdfunding.

The project will retain 50% of the supply of $LNFTS and distribute most of it to artists, developers, bloggers of the @LaunchNFTs community working on the creation of WEB 3.
The remaining amount will be used to create awards for a wider network, as well as to transfer part to the treasury.

@LaunchNFTs already unites a community and a network with more than 1 million subscribers and can associate with the WEB 3 operator, which cooperates and develops many NFT projects and works

Participants can send funds (for example, ETH) to the contract in exchange for a proportional ownership share in future work.
Participants can exit using a method that burns their capital tokens and sends them their funds (down payment + profit).
The contract has a «hard limit» beyond which no one else can join crowdfunding.

As this project develops, the boundaries between the creator and the audience will be erased. We will have a community of @LaunchNFTs project participants, each of whom has $LNFTS tokens, depending on the level of their contribution.

Since $LNFTS is represented as ERC20, participants can also trade their tokens on an exchange such as Uniswap, instead of buying back the underlying value — similar to options trading.

Then what?

Aligned incentives will make Web3 networks grow faster and be more valuable to their users than Web 2 networks.

Startup ideas I’m interested in:

  • Profile Pic NFT Networks
  • NFT Social DATA Technology
  • Patronage+ Crowdfunding
  • Inter blockchain comms
  • Private smart contracts

Well, then it’s up to the network!

@LaunchNFTs creates an incredibly strong foundation:

Twitter profile and community of active WEB 3 participants. Unites and creates teams of musicians, visual artists, developers, project specialists, strategists and sponsors with clear coordination and collaboration skills.

Some early ideas: create more art together, continue to develop the world and with the @LauncNFTs community, experiment and find new ways to monetize and realize value for the art we have created, or our personal favorite…


LaunchNFTs is a completely new way to launch NFT Pictures web 3, based on Twitter profile of WEB 2 @LaunchNFTs

How It Works

@LaunchNFTs crowdfunding has 30 ETH hard-cup.

Supporters can send ETH to crowdfunding in exchange for $LNFTS tokens.

  • If the funding goal is achieved, @LaunchNFTs will hire talented artists from NFT Community to design the NFT Profile Pictures web 3
  • We also will hire a talented Solidity developer from the Ethereum community for the next implementation of $LNFT V2 as smart contracts on fully open source.



@LaunchNFTs crowdfunding is developed on Mirror protocols in accordance with the rules of Crowdfunds web3 plugins

@LaunchNFTs raises 30 ETH.

We believe that 30 ETH represents a figure that allows a large number of supporters to participate. These funds, which amounted to approximately 100 thousand dollars at the time of writing, will be divided between four parties, as follows:

• 25% goes to @LaunchNFTs, this will help to continue growing, improve and develop Commynity @LaunchNFTs

• 25% goes to NFTs Profile Pictures web 3 community analysts

• 25% goes to developers

• 25% goes to the artists of NFT Profile Pic

		What’s Next? 
  1. The first collection of NFT Profile Pictures web 3,
  2. Rewards crowdfunding participants.
  3. New artworks of V1 NFT Profile Pictures web 3
  4. NFT Profile as a Web 3.0 profile identification
  5. NFT Profile Pictures acts as a unified identity profile at all levels where support for the Web 3 profile is available.
                  Developer 2 Q 2022
  • $LNFTS V2 is a native token
  • Rewards crowdfunding participants.
  • $LNFTS V2 native token development, a fully open source smart contract.
  • $LNFTS V2 is a native token that “activates” the identity of NFT Profile Pictures Web 3.0.
  • To qualify for NFT Pictures WEB 3, you will need a certain number of $LNFTS V2 tokens
  • NFT Profile Pictures opens the way to personal monetization of the WEB 3.0 profile

The launch of each series of NFT Profile Pictures opens the collection created by group of artists. The NFT Pictures collection is made in the manual and artistic style of the Twitter @LaunchNFTs community.

This initiative, if successfully implemented, will not only give a new impetus to creatives, but will also open opportunities to create their own NFT Profile Pictures and introduce everyone to the wider communities that have united around, which accordingly will increase our growing list of participants and partners.

Create and connect your world on web3

NFTs will be «media legos» for developers to……build the next Spotify or Netflix on top of a programmable library of content that preserves attribution/value for creators